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Welcome to XECON

XECON is the University of Maine’s Experimental Economics Laboratory. We  are accepting University of Maine undergraduate participants for a paid economic experiment. The experiment focuses on how people use environmental resources in different scenarios.  It is a web-based, multi-person interactive experience. Participants are paid based on consequences of their actions in the 1.5hr session.


Join an experiment in 5 minutes:

  1. [Sign Up] with a one-time short, confidential survey. You will need to enter your primary UMaine email address, two times during the process. Please record your login information for future use.

  1. [Log In] on this site.
  2. Use the [Calendar] to join an open experiment that fits your schedule.  You can cancel using the calendar too.

  3. Arrive in the XECON lab in 301 Winslow hall 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Thanks in advance for participating!


The XECON Team –
University of Maine